Beyond Legacy.

To change retail, forever, we need to free your brand – to explore, to investigate, to fail, to recover, to perfect. We need to release the value trapped in the traditional Point of Sale (the most complex system in retail) to the entire brand, to harmonize her experience, no matter where she encounters us.

Why Xenia?

Because we were born in the store. And our place of origin means our sense of direction is spinal. Inborn. A part of our DNA. We know what retail needs, hence our comprehensive platform that stands ready to serve any and all retailers – from cradle to grave.

We’re located at the crossroads of digital, physical, and social.

What we’re able to offer, right now, is freedom for retail brands to take action toward transformational goals. We make technology not the villain, but the enabler, by keeping our offerings fluid, adaptive, emergent, accelerating, and intelligent. We were born in store, where we’ve always remained, fully immersed not only in your world and culture, but more importantly, in the universe of your customers.

Our proprietary network of ingenious microservices allows retailers to nimbly leapfrog over the backwards pull of in-place systems.

Once we dig in, we see our lives conjoined and we sweat the details as if our future depended on it. Because it does.

Be [y]our guest

We invite you to see through the eyes of your customers, say goodbye to tired, old channels and begin to recognize that the store can be just as dynamic and capable a vehicle for brand innovation as digital–if not even more so.

Most importantly, as you unleash your brand, you must develop value and re-establish your guests trust as you ascend through the escalating layers of your brand’s hierarchy of need. It’s all about building trust, so don’t rush it. If you try to cheat ahead by bolting-on a point solution to your legacy, you’ll feel it. Friction will give it away and inject doubt.

And the catalyst for all this change? Our platform.