Available as a complete Self-Check-Out, Loyalty and Guest Experience application, or as an SDK to add these rich features to a retailer’s existing mobile application.

The Power of Point of Sale, in the Hand of the Guest.



Your guests expect more convenient and secure payment options by the day.


Item Look Up

Finally understand who and what your customers want – before transaction.


Wish Lists

Let guests build their own set of personal, actionable interests.


Cartless Shopping

Allow Guests to explore your stores as they would online.



Automatically refilled subscriptions has never been easier.



Rewards, loyalties, perks: Engaging a guest should be as rewarding to everyone.


Self Checkout

Untether from the traditional POS system and focus on the guest experience.


Deal Storage

The freedom to save should be unhindered by time and place.


Alternative Fulfilment

Complete control on when, where, and how guests purchases end up at home.

Your guest’s mobile device isn’t just the conduit to experiencing your brand — it’s the future of retail. And with Xenia’s consumer mobile app, you can deliver your Guests the future they’ve always dreamed of.

Recognized Guest. Empowered Brand.

Retailers have no clue who their consumers are until the final transaction, and by then, it’s too late. Guests arrive in store, unrecognized, and go unnoticed while exploring product and building their cart. The brand doesn’t see her dwell in front of an endcap with product in an abandoned cart – and is powerless to take action when she walks away empty handed. Xenia Guest is an acknowledgement that the guest journey begins at home – and the brand’s ability to shape transaction occurs at every step.

Bring the store to life.

The ability for customers to view product details, effortlessly send cart to paystation, and interact with the brand via frictionless, location-based event mapping. And the ability for the brand to respond to when consumer’s arrive in store, track movement throughout, or dwell and interact with product means a frictionless guest experience like never before.

The most powerful data available to retailers.

Consumers have been reconditioned to expect more because of digital platforms like Amazon and a handful of other retailers who have managed to add value to the guest experience.

Guest buying history, lifetime value (LTV), virtual and physical cart, social interactions, likes, dislikes, and every action taken between her and the brand – harmonized throughout all channels means guests, finally, get recognized by the brand.

Promotions, Elevated

The payoff the brand recieves for following the customer journey from its’ inception? Unmatched ability to influence her cart. Targeted promotions based on customer interaction: dwell time, journey throughout store, product interactions, and cart status; all tailored to the guest’s unique profile and available in real time. Higher margins and guest satisfaction: when opening the window to understanding consumers — everyone wins.

Revolutionize Your Retail Experience Today

When the technology of the future meets inspired imagination, magic ensues.

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