They said it couldn’t be done.

… so we did.

Think of the efficiency gained by your organization when you begin with a flexible, foundational framework that delivers comprehensive features across your entire product ecosystem – with no limitations on security or scale.

Simple, uncomplicated integration and maintenance, supported by one code.

Xenia’s Modern Retail Framework

Customizable to your brand’s needs and flexible enough to play nice with others, our platform’s power emerges from the union of 21 integrated Microservices. Supported within all Xenia Products and built with a single, easily maintained code.


Cart has evolved to become so much more than a list of would be purchases. Carts take on a life of their own and tell your guests’ stories; past, present and future. Elevate cart above store and change the way your guests shop forever.


Capture the lifetime value of your guests by appending demographics, lifestyle choices, preferences and buying history to data-rich, and actionable, customer profiles. Learn who they are. Understand what they want. Act on it whenever, and wherever, they are interacting with your brand.


Unleash the creativity of your marketing teams and provide them the tools to create and manage complex promotions that allow guests to receive the best deal available. Time of Day, BOGO, threshold-based; anything they can dream up, without limitation.


Through VLC, Bluetooth and other technologies, smart devices keep track of customer’s whereabouts and product inventory, giving you the opportunity to engage with them throughout the
customer journey.


Where is the cash, and who is responsible for it? What’s your eCommerce platforms answer to these mission critical questions? Manage cash in your stores and find and eliminate fraud in your enterprise by tracking open/closed stations, logged-in/out employees, void no transactions, etc.


All devices–whether fleet, mobile, personal or hard-wired–can be accessed and managed no matter how broad the collection. Yes, even that peripheral from the mid-90s. We don’t judge.


Might sound boring, but there’s nothing boring about the management of multi-lingual data, descriptions, etc. At least not to us.


Transactions speak louder than words. Search, analyze and compare them to make proactive business decisions.


The freedom, flexibility and tracking logistics that allow for returns across your entire enterprise; anytime, anywhere, from any device, with or without receipt.


Just how private and protected is our security system with state-of- the-art encryption and segmented data? We’re not telling. But rest assured, it will pass the test of its toughest critics.


The oft overlooked, unsung hero of your enterprise. Item lookup and search compiles all the value of an item that customers and associates crave: description, related products, people who bought this bought that, colors, sizes, crowd-sourced reviews, etc.


Manage all the complexities of taxation across your enterprise with ease, and finally alleviate the nagging headache that accompanies the mere mention of it. We’re still working on the remedy for your in-laws.


It’s simple really, know exactly where every SKU is located at any given moment.


Real-time recording of transaction data and events. All the messy details you don’t need to show the customer, but do need as an audit trail.


An electronic package of a transaction used to feed corporate systems including accounting, data warehouse, order management, etc. Nothing fancy here, just everything you need to run your business.


Understand the patterns, habits and activities of each employee with detailed records to help guide their improvement and growth and optimize your operations.


The ever-evolving, ever-complex tracking and management of employees, products, reporting, cash-in and cash-out details that make up the day-to- day procedures of a day at the office.


Email, print, reprint, find, index, store, add to customers’ profiles, make available for taxes… who knew receipts could be so exciting?


Easily accept (and add) any kind of payment: credit, private label, NFC, gift card, BitCoin, cash, livestock. Okay, maybe not that last one.

  • Cloud Cart
  • Guest Profile
  • Secure Payments
  • Complex Promotions
  • Micropositioning
  • Cash Management
  • Device Manager
  • Reference Data
  • Transaction
  • Enterprise Returns
  • Security
  • Item
  • Tax
  • Inventory Management
  • Electronic Journal
  • POSLog
  • Employee
  • Configuration
  • Back Office
  • Receipt
  • Tender


Take action towards your brand’s transformational goals. Right now.


When the technology of the future meets inspired imagination, magic ensues.


We were born in store, where we’ve always remained, fully immersed.

Ready to Get Started?

Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
Xenia’s Rapid Deployment Program.

Ready to Get Started?

Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
Xenia’s Rapid Deployment Program.

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