Changing Retail. Forever.

At Xenia, we’re obsessed with the human retail experience. We also believe brands deserve a Point of Sale solution capable of enabling meaningful consumer connections and innovative guest experiences.

So we made one.

93% of all transactions still occur in-store.

Reports of retail’s death have been greatly exaggerated. You’ve read the articles and heard the dire warnings. But you know better. Retail isn’t dead, far from it. But it is changing—rapidly and unapologetically. For years, the most powerful tool retailers have, the Point of Sale, hasn’t been contributing anything back to the business.

It’s time to stop settling.

More than the most advanced point of sale in the industry.

Imagine a point of sale infused with digital value: Purchase history, crowd sourced reviews, recommended items and all the other digital artifacts guests carry with them – now relevant inside the brick and mortar. On a platform elevated above the store, harmonizing the guest experience throughout all channels – start a cart at home and seamlessly transition it into the store. And supported by technologies like guest locationing, proximity credentialing, connected store and product tracking.

The Xenia Advantage

It’s time to stop settling and time to start understanding your customers with the information only the point of sale can provide.


Finally understand who and what your customers want – before transaction.

Database simplicity

Streamline multiple databases to one customer view

One Source Code across all products

Streamlined maintenance, universal features, lower cost


Trackable dwell time, store exploration, instant cart to paystation transfers, and more.

Rich feature set

Handles returns, promotions & discounts with ease

Parity & beyond

Everything you need today & prepared for tomorrow

Complex Promotions

Targeted promotional content via the guests in-store interaction and profile data.

Seamless system integration

Fast to market, easy to replace, minimal disruption

Intuitive user interface

Easy associate training & usage across all devices

Why Xenia?

Because we were born in the store. Our place of origin means our sense of direction is spinal. Inborn. A part of our DNA. And that’s reflected in the product simplicity that make Xenia’s dynamic features easy for brands to implement and utilize quickly.

We invite you to see through the eyes of your customers, say goodbye to tired, old channels and begin to recognize that the store can be just as dynamic and capable a vehicle for brand innovation as digital–if not even more so.


Take action towards your brand’s transformational goals. Right now.


When the technology of the future meets inspired imagination, magic ensues.


We were born in store, where we’ve always remained, fully immersed.

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