Your customer’s mobile device isn’t just the conduit to experiencing your brand — it’s the future of retail. Rethink traditional checkout lanes and get customers through stores as quickly, and safely, as possible.

Blur digital into the Brick & Mortar to achieve an elevated customer experience through AI and influence shopping behavior in the moment of decision.


In-App Payments

Allow customers to store credit cards, debit cards, fleet cards, and store and reload gift cards to tailor payment for each transaction.


Cart Share

Customers can share access to their carts with an associate/s MPOS device for optimization and on the spot checkout, and/or with friends for on the spot influence.


Item-By-Item Fulfillment

Give customers complete control of how and when their purchases get home. Ship that bulky kayak, but the Sea Salt Caramels are coming with me!



Planning for today or dreaming of tomorrow, customers can scan or click items to build and save lists to their profile and share it via social.


AI Promotions

Influence buying at the moment of decision with location and behavior-triggered promotions fed from buying history, exploration behavior, path and dwell.


Digital Receipts

Embrace paperless, protect the environment and save millions in receipt paper and printing expenses annually.



Turn one-time purchases into recurring revenue for you and make it easier for customers to get the goods they need consistently on time.


Cashierless Store

Enable digital exploration and reimagine customer engagement by blending digital into your traditional Brick & Mortar.


Order Verification/Cart Audit

Eliminate LP concerns and risk of fraud associated with using a digital receipt as proof of purchase when purchased in-app.

ScanPayGo is available as a branded self-checkout and customer experience mobile application, downloadable on AppStore and GooglePlay, or as an SDK to add these rich features to a retailer’s existing mobile application.

AI-Driven Contactless Shopping & Payments

Built to facilitate retail’s new normal and changing customer expectations, Xenia Contactless Shopping is an affordable, frictionless solution for self-checkout in the hands of your customer.

Customers simply download your branded ScanPayGo app, complete their profile, enter a credit or debit card and are ready to shop your stores with a retail-hardened solution, with the robustness of an enterprise POS.

Lightning fast scanning allows customers to conveniently build carts, and zero contact payments via an in-app mobile wallet enables safe and secure payment processing.

With ScanPayGo, you can quickly, and affordably, deliver personalized, enhanced customer experiences while users shop your stores.

Minimize Shrink.
Protect Your Brand.

Concerned about shrink associated with self-checkout solutions? ScanPayGo comes equipped with thoughtful, advanced features to help mitigate those risks:

  • Associate-facing Heads-Up Display (HUD) to manage and monitor carts being built in real-time.
  • Initial customer scan for store attribution with preauthorization of tender to ensure available balance.
  • Customer selfie feature helps associates monitoring the HUD to correlate Carts as they are built with the customers and to respond to calls for help with personalized customer service without delay.
  • Final LP Scan of customer’s digital receipt and Cart Audit Algorithm for randomized matching receipt and products.

Curbside Pickup, Elevated.

Provide Guests the ultimate convenience with pick and pack orders and curbside delivery at your stores via Xenia’s three-way orchestrated “Better BOPIS” solution. It’s the fast, reliable, and contact-free method of getting customers everything they need.

  • Customers place Orders via ScanPayGo (or eCommerce).
  • Orders are received and picked just-in-time via Xenia’s X-Mobile Pick-Pack-Fulfill feature.
  • Customers are recognized upon arrival and present proof of purchase via ScanPayGo to confirm order.
  • Customers and associates can add additional items to original order via Xenia’s transient CloudCart before final tender.

Move beyond manual, experimental curbside options and truly operationalize Curbside Pickup and BOPIS for a better shopping experience and superior associate system effectiveness.

Bring Your Stores to Life.

At Xenia, the customer’s smart phone is to brick & mortar, what the mouse is to eCommerce.

Give customers the ability to view product details, effortlessly send a cart to PayStation, and interact with the brand via frictionless, location-based event mapping.

Give your brand the ability to respond when consumer’s arrive in store, track movement throughout, or dwell and interact with them like never before.

Actionable Data, Unleashed.

Retailers have no clue who their consumers are until the final transaction, and by then, it’s too late. Customers arrive in store, unrecognized, and go unnoticed while exploring product and building their cart. The brand doesn’t see her dwell in front of an endcap with product in an abandoned cart – and is powerless to take action when she walks away empty handed.

Until Now.

With ScanPayGo, a tactical investment in safe, secure self-
checkout, provides a bridge to the future of your brand, allowing you to quickly and affordably deliver personalized, enhanced customer experiences while users shop your stores.

Ready to Get Started?

Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
Xenia’s Rapid Deployment Program.

Ready to Get Started?

Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
Xenia’s Rapid Deployment Program.

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