In support of their designer collaborations and special events and product releases, Target hosts a series of Pop-Up events throughout the year where new collections are viewed and made available to purchase, first by VIPs, and then to the general public. During these events, the POS is under significant stress as large, anxious crowds ascend on the event to touch and buy Target’s latest collection.


When Target approached Xenia, they were using the same legacy POS system you’d find in their stores, limiting their ability to deliver exceptional experiences for their Guests and creating cumbersome operational challenges for their team members.

  • Target’s existing system was too slow.
  • The existing system wasn’t easy to use, creating training and operations issues visibly felt by the Guest.
  • Existing solution wasn’t elegant, and stood out negatively, at high profile events.



Xenia approached Target with a different perspective. We knew Xenia would answer all of Target’s stated problems with a sledgehammer, so we took our time to understand what Target’s real pain points were and presented them with a solution that answered the problems they weren’t even aware they had, and identified opportunities they had yet to even think about.

In order to deliver on the stated objectives of the partnership, Xenia:

  • Leveraged Xenia’s mobile point of sale solution, X-Mobile, to untether Target Team Members from the traditional cash wrap and encourage them to engage Guests on the floor, equipped with tools that enhanced an authentic, value-added interaction.
  • Introduced XeniaPay to ensure the security of customer data through patented payments isolation; paramount post-breach in-store.
  • Engaged Xenia’s Pop-Up as a Service Program to alleviate the limitation of current systems and challenging business practices preventing them for being able to execute the number of events they put on each year
  • Provided real-time reporting and analytics via Xenia’s Event Performance Dashboard to establish visibility to Inventory & Key Performance Indicators in real-time.
  • Introduced Xenia’s consumer mobile application X-Guest, our cloud cart, Xenia Cart, and PayStation to provide brand users an enhanced guest experience, elevate cart & payments above store, and extend the interaction for experiences outside of Target’s four walls.
  • Outfitted Target with Xenia’s foundational Modern Retail Framework (MRF) from which to build out both parity replacement, and a growth platform for new features and innovations.


The result for Target was immeasurable; ranging from a reduction in significant cost of shipping equipment to and from sites, to even faster performance of POS than in their stores, to unprecedented payments and data security.

What Target got from Xenia was a sleek, sophisticated and scalable solution that allowed them to use Pop-Up events as an innovation sandbox for testing new business and guest experience concepts, eventually resulting in their first-ever Cloud Cart and Cartless Shopping Experience: Target Wonderland Feature on Good Morning America

The turning point for Target was becoming enlightened on the difference between a point solution versus a platform, and identifying Xenia as a partner capable of swiftly and consistently executing on their vision to deliver immediate positive returns back to the business.

By making the investment in understanding what Target really needed, Xenia established itself as a trusted, consultative, and collaborative partner

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Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
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Ready to Get Started?

Go Live with a Xenia POC in as little as 45 days with
Xenia’s Rapid Deployment Program.

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